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Insider Ties: ASICS “Chameleiod” Mesh Discovery

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Source: ASICS Corporate

In one of those, “damn why didn’t I discover that” moments, I just hit up the Asics corporate site to check on sneaker news and I found this tidbit of information about Asics’ new design fabric. They have linked together with a Tokyo Lab to bring this new mesh to their footwear. “ASICS Corporation (Headquarters: Kobe, Japan; President and CEO: Motoi OYAMA, ‘ASICS’ below) and Toray Industries, Inc.(Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President Akihiro NIKKAKU, ‘Toray’ below) announce the joint development of a new textile, Chameleoid Mesh. The new fabric offers a variety of features, including color change with the angle of viewing.”

Click the source link above to read more.

Updated: I reported on this in June and here in September Asics has launched their Chameleiod Pack. It’s actually a dope concept. Here is a pic and a link to the pack.