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Insider Ties: Brandblack Raven Sneaker | HYPEBEAST

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Maximizing mobility.

Source: Brandblack Raven Sneaker | HYPEBEAST

It’s rare that I feel the need to share something from Hypebeast, but I haven’t done a BrandBlack post yet. It’s something I’ve overlooked. Although BrandBlack has one of the dopest NBA players wearing their gear, they just haven’t registered.

When I saw this shoe, it hit me that Brandblack is doing what we are all doing… trying to ride the wave of previous design into the mainstream. Here are a few more pictures and I want you to look at the style cues here.

The colorblocking is nice on this shoe, but the silhouette is the same silhouette we are all chasing and that is the Nike Roshe Run seamless upper look. The NMD and Roshe share the same qualities. The Yeezy colors here are obvious and the use of a fused, knit upper is another current trend. What’s more unfortunate is this:

That heel counter is the son of this:

Kyrie 1
Kyrie 1

and it’s not a cool thing to see out of a brand that I think is actually doing some dope work. However, owning a brand is much, much harder than anyone understands and I get it. I just wish the consumers got it so small brands wouldn’t have to think that they have to resort to this.

What do you think?