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Insider Ties: Converse Unveils the Thunderbolt Modern

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The third release in Converse’s Modern footwear family sneaker collection will be available starting August 5 at Converse retail stores, and select retailers worldwide.

Source: Nike News – Converse Unveils the Thunderbolt Modern

I’m watching the Netflix show, Stranger Things, and I’m checking to see if they got the retro 80’s style correct and what do I see on one of the kids? A pair of Thunderbolts. Now of course this is when Converse was king and Nike was trying to make noise by looking like they were sponsoring the 84 Olympics in LA… although Reebok was sponsoring the Games. I’m browsing through and checking out the Converse site and I see a Roshe inspired remake of the classic and I like it. Click the source link for more pics.