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Insider Ties -Episode 93: Deciphering the Kobe Code on the Kobe A.D. Black Mamba

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Question from YouTuber: Chairman7W – Q: Any idea what the braille symbols on the Kobe AD mean?

Note the Kobe Code is not braille; it’s a variation of braille developed by Kobe and Avar.

I spent last night decoding the Kobe Code on the Black Mamba A.D. I used a number of different sites as support and finally was able to break the code. I hope you appreciate it. You owe me Chairman, lol. I did add labels so you could read the decoding, but my program wouldn’t translate the captured video. You are going to have to write down everything I’m deciphering toto arrange the codes and come up with your own interpretation of what the code is saying. I still need help with one of them. Leave a comment if you get the heel midsole code and why he chose those two letters.

Support Sources:


A Wilder Mode:…

YouTuber: Veyra –…

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