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Insider Ties: Five things to know about Reebok’s future – The Boston Globe

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Adidas’s new CEO isn’t wasting his time putting an imprint on the Canton shoe retailer.

Source: Five things to know about Reebok’s future – The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe has put together a list of the most glaring issues with Reebok and how Adidas is dealing with its underperforming child. Recently I wrote articles about how Reebok has been targeting social media influencers as opposed to celebrity athletes. It seems this will become a part of the marketing plan. With basketball lagging, adidas realizes the most opportunity for growth is in women’s footwear as groups like Black Girls Run, and local fitness teams organize and plan strategies for a healthier lifestyle. As of yet no one has focused on Black fitness, a segment of the population in dire need of a support system and this means that there are millions of dollars being left on the table by all fitness companies. Black women are the most educated group in the US by percentage, they are also one of the fastest growing fitness segments in the country, yet not a single major company has spent the time looking at how to crack the shell of Black women as it relates to sportswear and apparel.

I know that was a side note, but I had to add that in. Reebok will be closing stores which means they are not looking at DTC for growth. They are looking at smaller margins with higher numbers through wholesale. They are also shifting the location of corporate headquarters. Take a minute or two to check out the details on the source link.