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Insider Ties: Kanye helps Jordan fuel growth in $1B sneaker resale business

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from the NY Post

On the morning of Oct. 18, some of New York City’s savviest investors, a mostly young group of males, lined up outside a store in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood waiting for the hottest product in

Source: Kanye helps Jordan fuel growth in $1B sneaker resale business

I never thought I’d see the time that a major publication utilized sneakerhead hype as a clickbait post, but this article has very little to do with Kanye and nothing to do with Jordan. As a matter of fact the article could be split into five or six different posts. Maybe I will take the time to do that since it’s such a weak report.

This article is very short and does not really go into detail, it’s from the NY Post and they probably just needed a pop in traffic from the sneaker community, it does make the comparison to the stock market that StockX used to garner a 3 million dollar investment when it transitioned from Campless to a resale site/stock market for kicks. Click through and read the short post and then take the time to come back here and read through the multiple Business Talk posts and Insider Ties. Also, take your time and go to visit the website of Matt Powell at NPD Group since they barely utilized his input, smh.