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Insider Ties: Nike and NFL Light Up Thursday Night Football – AAM

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Today the NFL and Nike unveiled Color Rush uniforms for all 32 NFL clubs. Participating teams will take the field wearing special Nike Color Rush uniforms exclusively on Thursday Night Football in 2016.

Source: Nike and NFL Light Up Thursday Night Football

Do you see that AAM at the end of the title? I added that because this post isn’t about the NFL and the uniforms. It’s about Marketing… All About Marketing.

This website is about making you a more well rounded person who can also discuss the sneaker business beyond just next pair of dope ass shoes. Although I’ve said it over and over, and other people have said it, what everyone in the sneaker industry fails to get (outside of adidas and Under Armour is trying) is that the sneaker business, stopped being about sneakers the moment Nike hooked up with Wieden and Kennedy.

I made this picture years ago to prove my point:


The picture shows the same dunk that won the slam dunk contest in three different decades. What was my point? That Nike and adidas markets you technology when the reality is a shoe is simply some foam and rubber that keeps your foot from being cut the fuck up while walking and running. That’s it. The technology is all for show, the shape of the shoe however is not. This isn’t a lesson on shoe design, this time, but ask me about that last statement and I will explain.

Nike is a marketing company and the way they function is by taking the amount of stock that is constantly being traded and generated and using that money to constantly build products.


In today’s society information overload is real. There is so much content that if a blog or information site doesn’t have anything new on the homepage, we overlook it and start to forget to check it which means there isn’t any traffic, which means there aren’t any purchases or advertising, which means the company dies. Nike doesn’t make shoes JUST to sell them, they make shoes to keep the information about the brand at the forefront of sneaker websites and on the tongues of analysts of stocks who need to see that a company is actively creating in order to keep it as a blue chip stock.

Start paying attention fam and become smarter about this sneaker life. Diversify your portfolio.