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Insider Ties: Sneaker Resale App GOAT Announces $5 Million In Funding | Footwear News

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Mobile sneaker resell app GOAT has raised $5 million in funding thanks to Matrix Partners.

Source: Sneaker Resale App GOAT Announces $5 Million In Funding | Footwear News

There is one thing that bothers me about the current sneaker community. That one thing is that the sneaker community is copying Hip-Hop and that’s not a good thing.

Hip-Hop used to have its ear to the street and it represented the community. There was love, and frustration that allowed the music to become the voice of a generation and of the people. Songs mattered, even songs that were meant to shock and offend mattered. None of the music was disposable and easily replaced by the next dance or phase of some tripped out, drug influenced mumbling.

The Sneaker Community is exactly like the Hip-Hop community in that those who are participating are not understanding the culture that they are a part of and they are not benefiting from the foundation of loving kicks that began when we all laced up our first pair of Puma Clyde, or Superstar Adidas.

Enough of my rant… if you’re reading this and you haven’t clicked on the Source link above, then do so and understand that although StockX consists of sneaker lovers, big business is appropriating the culture and monetizing the shit out of our lifestyle. While “sneakerheads” are sitting around on websites dissing the latest shoe or posting pics of their collections, people are making millions and billions while we dedicate our loves to one brand over another. I feel an Insider Ties coming on.