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Insider Ties: Verizon And Hearst Team Up to Buy Complex Media | Media – AdAge

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Hearst and Verizon have come to an agreement to purchase Complex Media, the digital media brand founded by Marc Ecko in 2002.

Source: Verizon And Hearst Team Up to Buy Complex Media | Media – AdAge

You may be sensing a theme here. I shared this post a few days ago:

When you read it, it analyzes how a sneaker blog, moved from sneakerheads to an IPO. If you understand that then this should open your eyes even more to the potential for growth in the fashion industry as it relates to the love of sneakers. Sole Collector is a huge part of the Complex network. Everyday thousands of sneaker aficionados wake up and click their bookmarks to see what new sneaker is dropping, or who was wearing what. The site drives a lot of the sneaker market and as a part of the Complex Network it generates a lot of traffic for the brand. Not to mention the multiple videos about kicks and you get the feeling that while Complex existed initially as a fashion mag from Mark Ecko, it exists now because of the sneaker culture.

I wrote all of that to share the source link above with you. Like my post on Hypebeast, a sneaker blog that garnered a 200 million dollar IPO, Complex had an investment of 21 Million by Hearst and now the Network is being bought out by the Hearst/Verizon group.

My eyes are wide open, I hope your eyes are as well. Can You Hear Me Now?

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