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Insider Ties: Wal Mart and… Jordans?

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I have to give a shout out to my guy Tayib at who brought this to my attention a couple of months ago. I basically forgot about it until Sneaker King of Memphis (Marvin) answered someone on Facebook and it ran across my timeline.

As always my job is to bring clarity in this sneaker game. I like analyzing it for the business aspects which makes sneakers kind of like a college course of study (I guess).

A few months ago, actually it may have been last year, Tayib asked me if the Jordans on Wal-Mart were fake. I said about as fake as anything on Amazon or eBay. Then I had to explain…

In online retail there is a battle going on. Very similar to the Nike/Under Armour/adidas battle that has everyone looking sideways at Nike. This battle is Wal-Mart/eBay/Amazon/Target. There is something interesting that is occurring. A lot like Nike is having to work for a change to get buyers, Wal-Mart is no longer growing and according to this report Wal-Mart is in the process of closing over 200 stores. Target is in bigger trouble because it attempted to enter the grocery game (which is lose-lose situation).

I know you’re ready to get to the Jordans, I’m getting there. smh

Amazon continues to grow. Wal-Mart however did a very poor job of building it’s e-commerce and recently bought (which is big freaking deal!!!!) That isn’t going to work, but that’s another story and it’s not sneaker related.

Alright here we go with the Jordan stuff: When you click this link if you are reseller, or just an every day Joe, you can sign up for Wal-Mart’s Marketplace. Just like on eBay you can sell any item you want.

Jordan Brand: This link takes you to Jordan on Wal-Mart. However, if you take the time to go to Men’s shoes you will notice that Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and a ton of other brands are there as well. Although there aren’t any popular adidas shoes on the page… or Under Armour, which again is another story.

Is this a symbol of Nike’s demise? No

Is this a symbol of Wal-Mart’s struggle against Amazon? Damn skippy!

In short, I could dive deeper and analyze stocks and all of that, but this is a sneaker site and I wanted to get to the point and tell you that the shoes on Wal-Mart are just like shoes on eBay, Amazon or any other platform where people can resell.

Do I think Wal-Mart will be successful in it’s foray into the marketplace world of eBay and Amazon, even with the purchase of Jet? Hell no

Carry on…