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Is It Dope or Biting? Sync. x Brandalism Flower Bomber

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Sync. teams up with Brandalism and Medicom to bring forth the Flower Bomber – inspired by (pics via Kith)

Source: Sync. x Brandalism Flower Bomber

I haven’t done a Dope S–t I Like in a while. I’ve been placing a lot of music and art on the CBP site. Click to visit the site. (I actually have a photograph I haven’t shared on CBP yet that could possibly be a picture of the work of the artist who inspired the item above.)

I have posted on this site about art and instead of giving you information about the small statuette pictured from Brandalism and Medicom, I’m going to ask a question: If you look at this, and I’m assuming you don’t immediately know the reference or inspiration behind this piece, can it be considered dope if the idea isn’t original?

Don’t answer that. Instead read this and answer my question at the end – If an artist does not sell their artwork, and they show it with the intent of generating dialogue about sociopolitical topics should another artist be able to come along and create an “inspired” piece and sell it?

This is important because this item being sold at Kith is inspired by the legendary Banksy’s art. It should be noted that when Banksy creates one of his stencils he does so without notice and often people have to discover if the work was done by the former graf artist. When the art is validated I’ve seen documentaries where people will cut down an entire wall in an attempt to auction the artwork with Sotheby’s or some auction house.

The Rage Flower Thrower by Banksy is incredible, but should someone create a commercial item that capitalizes on such an important artwork?

You can buy this on the Kith store by clicking the source link.