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Jason Markk – Keeping White Kicks Fresh|

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Jason Markk breaks down how he keeps his white kicks, like the Pure Money AJ 4s, looking crisp over summer.

Source: Jason Markk – Keeping White Kicks Fresh

You have to click through to peep the video discussing the cleaning of the shoes and to read a long detailed interview of keeping your shoes fresh. This is important to me because when I was young I didn’t have the money to get a lot of sneakers so I constantly cleaned my kicks. I also kept about ten sets of shoestrings to personalize my shoes to match whatever I was wearing. I didn’t go as far as stuffing the toebox because my shoes often smelled horrible, lol, but I did make sure I used hot, soapy water to clean my kicks as often as possible. The video is not very long, but I couldn’t embed it here so click through. Here are some of the kicks featured below.