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Jordan Wings Adds Programs in LA to Celebrate All-Star Weekend 2018

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Providing access to education, scholarships, mentorships and more,  Jordan Wings strives to help today’s youth become tomorrow’s leaders.

Source: Jordan Wings

I don’t pretend or act naive that when brands take the time to invest in communities they do so as a marketing incentive. However, as a former educator I really don’t care if a brand is attempting to make its presence known in a community as long as they are helping. I stated that for the multitude of haters who will say things like, “Jordan is ripping off the hood, or Jordans cost too much.” In education the amount of time teachers spend not teaching, but parenting is often far beyond the time we spend teaching our subject areas. We often become the default parent, guardian, counselor and friend to students and it usually happens to the detriment of our own families. If a program can come in one or one hundred days out of the year to take just a small amount of the pressure off of an educator, it’s welcomed.

Enter Jordan Wings Community Program, a program created by the brand to offer support to educators via mentoring and rewards for groups, non profits and activists. I’ve rambled enough about teachers. I’m writing this because the Wings program has added more divisions with the upcoming All Star game in Los Angeles:

The Jordan Wings Community Program announces its expansion into the city of Los Angeles with six new partners who will continue the program’s efforts to inspire young students in the classroom and beyond.

  • College Track (Watts location)
  • Community Coalition
  • Heart of LA​
  • InnerCity Struggle
  • Social Justice Learning Institute
  • Youth Mentoring Action Network

These new partners will be welcomed with exclusive access and experiences throughout the brand’s All-Star Weekend events.

Like I said, I don’t care if it seems opportunistic, teachers and kids need and deserve any form of assistance that can be provided. If you have a program you are looking at setting up and you think that it’s considerable enough to garner support from the Jordan Wings program, use this e-mail to introduce yourself and let them know you are working and would like some help: