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Justin Timberlake Air Jordan 3 White Cement |Another CDO Move By Nike |Big Dividends

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Originally posted on Housakicks


Nike’s marketing genius was put on display again last night right before the multitude of folks watching the Super Bowl half time show. Justin Timberlake was performing before millions of viewers and I’m sure we all caught the limited Air Jordan 3 White cement he was rocking. This is again a sign of the times; Nike CDO ( Consumer Direct Offense) is gaining some significant momentum and last night was just another milestone. For those who don’t know, the shoes Timberlake wore were released on Nike SNKRS right after the performance and I’m sure Nike’s website must’ve experienced some downtime. Do you see what the brand just did? Everything Nike is doing is conditioning to consumer to perpetually keep his/her eyes or attention on Nike. The brand is using the element of surprise to keep the consumer “Nike” distraction-free. What I’m saying is that all Nike’s moves are geared toward keeping “you and I” from looking at other brands, and that is brilliant. If you don’t believe me, just think about what they are doing with the Nike Lebron 15 PE collection. My business partner Chris from ARCH wrote about it, see link below

With the Lebron 15 , Nike is indirectly forcing the consumer to watch basketball again. The shoes included in the collection will be released on Nike SNKRS every time Lebron wears a pair during a game. So the consumer is compelled to watch every game the Cavs are playing. I wonder if Nike will extend this strategy with all their signature athletes in the NBA; that might be the key to revive Nike basketball line.

Major and minor retailers ought to be worried about how aggressive Nike has been in the past years. Let me just give you a recap of some of the major things that have taken place. Nike is now selling directly on Amazon ( the world biggest third part marketplace); they’ve created the world biggest Jordan Retro archives, they launched a Jordan Retro only Blog called They are now almost forcing the consumer to get the Nike SNKRS app because without it, certain purchases can’t be made. They are releasing sneakers randomly via Nike only by forcing the consumer to watch NBA games. Where does that leave retailers? I’ll let you use your grey matter and figure it out.


They come in a  white tumbled leather upper with cement print overlays. Another key highlight of the shoe is the large reflective Swoosh on the quarter panel.


Justin Timberlake X Air Jordan 3 White Cement

Style#AV6683 160, $200

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