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K1X Anti-Gravity Basketball Shoes Represented At Halftime Of NBA Celebrity Game

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It’s always crazy to see the dunks from these guys, Jordan Kilganon, Justin Darlington, and Jordan Southerland, on the NBA Stage.

It would seem the NBA would be slightly embarrassed by the dunk product they put on the floor when these guys have always been next level. I have to admit that Zach Lavine and Aaron Gordon have made the dunk contest great again, but when you get a chance to peep professional dunkers at the greatest show in basketball it’s crazy.

You’re probably wondering what the guys are rocking during these dunks. Have you heard of K1X? Remember the Chiefglider that Ron Artest rocked back in the day? No? Well, watch the video below and I’m posting pics of the k1x Anti Gravity after the vid.

  • Brand: K1X
  • Product name: Anti Gravity
  • Material: 100% Polyurethan
  • Color: Purple Oil
  • Tense cushioning for comfort and optimal fit
  • TPU technology for dependable and comfy lacing system
  • Padded mesh tongue for breathability
  • Perforated upper
  • Fitted sole, ideal for quick movements while assuring a low injury risk
  • Ventilation system on side of shoe
  • Dual EVA midsole for cushioning and durability
  • Durable TPU upper
  • Innovative forefoot area for flexible and higher vertical
  • TPU heel pocket for better slip-on
  • Anti Roll Outrigger on outsole for lateral stability
  • Evertex coating for better impact absorption
  • Enhanced heel area for more stability and perfect fit
  • Now available in even more fresh colors!

The history of K1X began 1993 in Munich selling t-shirts off the back of a pick-up truck. The brand, which sees itself as a connector between the hiphop and basketball culture, is firmly established in urban lifestyle worldwide and featured in all relevant magazines. In 2002 K1X released their first own basketball shoe – the chiefglider – which was worn by Star-Foward Ron Artest in NBA games. Nowadays K1X is a major player in the global hiphop gear market and the only brand embracing a genuine basketball heritage, which is the focal point in all of k1x‘ endeavours, past, present and future.