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Kickstarter Teaser #3: Haze Grey/True Black-White

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CG097III Haze Grey/True Black-White
CG097III Haze Grey/True Black-White

20140413_151851_resizedAt the end of the Kickstarter campaign I began work on a sample and let’s just say it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. I had to work on another colorway and I took the suggestion of one of the backers at the highest level and made what I guess will be considered a Raiders styled color, but I look at it and see a Navy ship. I see Haze Grey with Black and I recall the numbers on our carrier and all Navy vessels. With that said, I’m dropping another teaser. The Kickstarter backers obviously have all of the pictures from the factory and are now able to see the final production shoe, shoe inserts, and shoe strings. They’ve earned that right. You get to peep the toe… again, lol.

Stay Motivated and as the shoes begin to ship and arrive I will post updates here. Thanks for checking out the blog.

Chris B.