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The successful inaugural season included 288 girls and boys and concluded April 15 with the Mamba Challenge.

Source: Nike News – With a Little Help from Kobe Bryant, LA’s New Mamba League Gives Kids a Fresh Perspective on Basketball

Kobe Bryant is making kid’s shows. The guy who scowled, cursed out teammates, ran off teammates, dominated the ball in a league that transformed from one on one players, to a team game is making children’s television shows. He’s also the guy behind a great project based in Los Angeles, the Mamba League.

In a time when the professionalization of amatuer athletics is becoming a major issue, Kobe worked with Nike to form a league that emphasizes skill development and teamwork. More importantly the league is a part of the Community Ambassadors Program and shares the experience with locally based mentoring programs.

Although I really don’t want to make this about marketing, this is the way that companies are going to have to operate in this new retail economy. Millennials don’t need your apparel and footwear. They are very selective with their dollars and where they are spending. If a company does not have a certain set of standards and does not show an attachment to the community that company will not be able to build a bridge and reach the new buyers entering the consumer market. I had to write that.

Nike is doing excellent job of taking their athletes and integrating them into their hometowns in a way that delivers opportunities to the underserved communities. While it will never be enough in some instances, the fact that the league ran and gave kids an opportunity to learn teamwork and responsibility via sport is really good enough, no matter who won. FYI it was either The Little Cheetahs or Little Swooshes. Use the source link to read more.

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