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Kyrie’s Future Signature Shoes Will Cost Less Than $100 | A By-Product Of The Nike DTC

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Originally posted on Housakicks


We are beginning to witness the direct effects of the Nike DTC ( Direct To Consumer) campaign. A week ago I shared a post about Nike going the “COSTCO” route and I’ll quote myself,

I seriously think this might result in Nike’s reducing its product prices at some point which will be a win/win for both consumers and brand. I’m definitely looking forward to more changes in the sneaker industry in the years to come, stay tuned.

Boy was I right about it; yesterday during the Nike Investor Day meeting in Portland, the brand announced that Celtics’ guard Kyrie Irving’s future signature sneakers will be priced at $80. This comes to no surprise to me and it just reinforces the fact that Nike is looking to create its own “Costco” model. For more on this , check out the post below

My buddy Chris from ARCH wrote an extensive report on the Nike’s Investor Day available in the link below, be sure to check that out too,

img via clutchpoints