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Lamelo Ball Scores 92 Points (video) || 2/7/17 || Chino Hills vs Los Osos 

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Alright, I had to do the check real quick before I wrote anything about this. Los Osos is a Division 1 school and so is Chino Hills. This means they are both large schools. I coached in California and my school with 1500 students was a small school and we played in Division 3. I often tried to avoid playing Division 1 schools, but sometimes it happened in tournaments. One of our worst losses came in my second year as a head coach (I was the youngest coach in San Diego). We played against San Diego High School and got stomped 119 to 63. It was a complete and utter embarrassment.

I had player’s quit the team soon after. The worst part is I didn’t know how to explain it to my kids. My best player was the guy who actually quit. He was from LA and was new and just felt like it was a waste of his time. The opposing team intentionally ran the score up, but it was my fault for not preparing my team for their full court press. The problem is their front line was 6-10, 6-8, 6-6 and their guards were ranked in the state of California.

(Funny sidenote, I ended up sending their players to college, which is another story.)

There wasn’t much I could have prepared my team for. My tallest player was 6-1, my PG was 5-5. We were pretty much doomed. This Los Osos vs Chino Hills game though is something different. The final score was 146-120. This wasn’t a blow out. It wasn’t the battle of a D-1 college level talent team against a team with one potential college player.

It was a game where a national power team was facing a team with a 13-12 record. A team that more than likely isn’t going to make the CIF tourney. I guess in a way it was similar to my worst game as a coach and because of that I’m looking at this game, not in awe, but with the eyes of a coach who finally learned going into the end of that second season. A coach who by his fifth year realized that winning a CIF championship was going to take a team of recruits mixed with my neighborhood kids.

I was  a coach who left after lying to my kids that I would never recruit a travel team to my school. In other words, if I had a kid who was capable of doing this… I probably would not have done it. I would have pulled the kid.

Then again, when I look at the box score the game was fairly even… nevermind everything I just said. Get your buckets Lamelo. Get your buckets.

Note: those of you who aren’t in Cali should know that games in Cali are faster because there is a 32 second shot clock. Unlock here where I am in Tennessee, you can’t just hold the ball. You have to ball (pun intended).