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Lasco Mfg. Footwear Resource and Supply Club

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Footwear Resource and Supply Club. (Please read entire post for details & contact information)New Year, New Help (for…

Posted by Lasco Mfg on Sunday, January 1, 2017

Footwear Resource and Supply Club. (Please read entire post for details & contact information)

New Year, New Help (for the little guys).

We have received so many requests for internships, training and reference resources guides we decided to put together what a person would need to get started. Whether you are a fast learner or someone with learning disabilities, learning footwear making in 4-5 days is NOT realistic. To be honest, people don’t have the money or time to attend classes when you have real life responsibilities like paying rent and buying food. That’s why we are trying to make it affordable and realistic and charge only 10% of what these “schools or classes” charge.

What we are doing with our Footwear Club is giving you an entire YEAR to learn at your own pace, ask questions, access to our pattern library, last library, material library, help locating and sourcing specialized machinery for your footwear. Like anything, you learn by doing and making mistakes.

The real need for information comes when you get stuck and only then will you be ready to receive information to solve your problems

Force feeding you information when you are not ready, is not how anyone would learn or retain. Thus, forming a Club and Community of passionate likeminded individuals would not only motivate, but also allow for organic collaborations to evolve within the Club.

If you’re interested in please send us an email at SALES@LASCO.US and LASCO Club in Subject line so we can sort emails quickly.