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Lil Buck In The Flyknit Banned 1 | The Music Though…

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Memphis dancer Lil Buck is renowned for pioneering the juking movement in TN. A super fan of Jordan Brand, Buck almost exclusively dances in Js.

Source: Lil Buck – Fly in the AJ 1

  1. This isn’t exactly the type of music that we associate with Memphis Jukin (jooking)… which derived from the Gangsta Walk, but that’s a story that any Memphis person will dive into to explain and doesn’t have anything to do with Jordan Brand doing what Lexus and other companies have done by scooping our shining star Lil Buck.
  2. Lil Buck, like many Memphis dancers typically rock Air Force 1s because the outsole is thick enough to actually stay on your toes longer… once again though that has little to do with this.
  3. I get that you can’t put some 8 Ball and MJG or Gangsta Pat (old school), Playa Fly, or Three 6 (old school not that Juicy J MTV, Miley Three 6) in the video, but Jordan isn’t Lexus and Buck doesn’t need to be so damn poetic all the time now.
  4. Jordan Brand is working extremely hard to make this Flyknit Banned 1 a hit.

Is it working? I guess but if I’m being honest dudes are going to buy this joint to do soleswaps. The shoe looks off. Forcing Flyknit onto OG silhouettes seems like a bastardization of the original. Do I really need a Flyknit version of the Banned 1 that looks kind of light red and the Wings logo looks funny on? I don’t think so. Will it sell? Of course it will. The Banned 1 in every format always sells through. Well, that’s not true, keep reading. The reason is basic. At 160.00 it is the perfect shoe to flip. It comes in at 30.00 dollars cheaper than any other version of a retro in OG format. That’s the Banned 1 in leather though… This shoe with Flyknit is 180, twenty dollars more which places it above 190 with tax. That 25 dollar increase limits the potential resell value which means that this shoe, if it isn’t limited will be a slow burn.  I mean think about this, The Air Jordan 1 Ultra was made with textile and featured a inner sockliner bootie and it’s on sale everywhere but it is basically the same shoe. I guess logic is never at play with sneakerheads though. I love my people, but sometimes we just don’t make sense. I guess at least we have Memphis being represented. Get paid Lil Buck… Get paid, but next time we need some Three 6 Mafia playing.

Air Jordan 1 Retro Ultra