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Meet the London Players | Why adidas Will Continue to Shine – Grassroots Marketing

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Three young, passionate footballers and social media experts from London are the faces of adidas Football’s latest innovation, called “GLITCH”.

Source: Meet the London Players who Co-Create, Launch and Endorse a Football Revolution

The guys above aren’t professional soccer players. They are just regular guys who adidas reached out to generate the GLITCH soccer boot. adidas took the time to query about 90 guys before settling on the three Co Creators (Daniel, Lucas, and Robert).

The initiative of adidas to place time and effort into collabing with guys passionate about sport and footwear is very similar to how Nike has been operating Air Max Day the past two years.

It’s an interactive approach that allows the people in the market to help shape the product.

As brands and companies (not just sportswear companies) attempt to connect to their markets, these grassroots programs become more important than spending money on professional endorsers in some instances. The idea that you can one day take part in creating footwear for a brand you admire can drive engagement and loyalty. This is a dope interview and story about the way adidas is looking to inspire a connected brand/buyer relationship. It’s also very cool to hear the inspiration.

The GLITCH App… and here I was thinking that GLITCH was just the cool new colorway of some of the adidas shoes.

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