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NBA G-League: Memphis Hustle Try Outs – Day 2

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The Memphis Grizzlies G League Team, Memphis Hustle had two days of open tryouts. Over 90 guys appeared on day one and day two was comparable. I haven’t shot video of basketball in a while so the sound isn’t as good as it should be, but I hope you get the feel for the action. Maybe I will get an invite to film more at the practices… The event would have been dope if each player left with a bag and season tickets. Then again maybe I missed that element. I arrived late after driving Lyft and having to charge my phone and camera battery, smh. I intended to do it the night before, but that money after the Tiger Football game kept me driving late. (I miss my money.)

Turn out should have been better also. This was an event that should have been coordinated with high schools and the community in a much bigger way. The Hustle are new so they probably don’t have everything in place for a street team styled attack, but I definitely thought more people would be there. It was a Sunday in Memphis though and that’s dinner day. I hope you enjoy the video.