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New Balance | #MyFutureSelf | BREAK FREE: Meet the Man Who Has Made the World His Playground

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The marketing of footwear has shifted and a brand no longer requires major influencers such as sports stars. Obviously it helps when you can land a Steph Curry or Serena Williams, but that isn’t a requirement anymore. If you can land a person who does incredible things and you have the ability to build a platform for them, or they have built a platform of their own, then they can help you to extend your reach as a brand.

New Balance’s #myfutureself campaign is one of the best new campaigns in footwear. How successful has it been in producing interaction with the brand? The video below posted on March 12, 2017 today has over 200,000 views on March 15th, 2017. That’s 200,000 eyes on a New Balance sponsored influencer. The video is subtle in its promotion of the brand but focuses on the words of Parkour/Freerunner/Stuntman Kenji Murapa of South Africa.

There is an international element and a connection to a sport that I think is becoming more popular than the major sports with young people. Think about American Ninja Warrior’s success and the explosion of the talents on that show on YouTube and IG.

This is the future and New Balance has a great campaign that has no beginning or end.





You’re here to run, jump and fly.

You’re here to be the boy with the toys, not the man with the plan. You’re here to be your own, not just another clone.

You’re here with an ‘S’ on your chest, not your heart on your sleeve.

You’re here to be the boss, follow your own rules. You’re here to run the zone and sit the throne.

You’re here to recreate your surroundings. You’re here to push your mind. You’re here to defy gravity.

Don’t analyze risk, nothing is off-limits.

You’re here to make the most of being alive.

Yours Truly,