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New Footwear Company Woobies Sounds Funny, But Is Actually A Cool Concept

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Source: Footwear Archives – Woobies

I’m a veteran. I was in the Navy so I have to be honest, I’ve never heard the term Woobies. The definition on the site gives clarity to the name of this new footwear company founded by my fellow vets, Matt Mrwik and Anthony Aguiniga. I was hipped to it by Rick Hardwick who followed me on Twitter and I checked out his profile.

As always I like to share when I discover a new brand because I know the struggles that the brand will encounter as they begin to grow and the novelty of “branding” wears off.

Woobies are definitely on trend as they have minimized the branding and they have created a casual athletic look that can transition from walking, to the boardroom, to the bar. The shoes are also described as having drain holes for water wear, but I’m always skeptical of water shoes but I do like that the kicks are made of durable canvas. My shoe the Allen was made in a similar fashion and I loved those shoes. I don’t know a lot about the brand, but I definitely hope you jump through the source link and check it out. There is a UFC connection for those of you who take the time to visit the site.