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Nike⁠+ SNKRS What Sold Out and Why Is CNBC Lying? – Should You Buy To Flip?

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Source: Nike⁠+ SNKRS. Release Dates & Launch Calendar

This is not a regular “Should You Buy to Flip?” Yesterday I shared this post from the CNBC website about how the basketball market has already begun to rebound. I then shared the information with industry leading stat company NPD Group and Matt Powell. He immediately wrote back and shared this:


I try my best to challenge Matt Powell on different ideas simply because the sneakerhead website industry doesn’t challenge or develop any real ideas. If I make a claim to be the “smarter sneaker” site then creating dialogue is a part of that process. However, I tend to trust the industry standard. If Nike and every footwear company flies the NPD Group in to discuss sales trends, then there is validity in everything that the group does. Why would CNBC state that sales are up, when the 3rd Quarter just ended and we just had one of the worst shake ups in Sneaker Stock history?

I wrote 10 NBA Stories That Will Repair The Broken Basketball Sales Machine to discuss how at the end of the 4th Quarter and in 1Q 2017 we could see growth. I shared their post yesterday because it was news, but I immediately questioned it. Why would CNBC post incorrect data? Then I realized that I’m asking a question that people ask of the sneakerhead community everyday, why is everyone sharing the same freaking stories over and over? To cater to the advertising and web traffic that comes with sharing what is mainstream and “sameness”.

To offset this, I’m using this Source link from Nike SNKRS to establish what NPD and the market has been showing for the last year, Retro is in. If you go to the Nike⁠+ SNKRS. Release Dates & Launch Calendar page and mouseover the boxes on each page you will notice certain shoes read “SOLD OUT” and only three are basketball shoes. Those shoes were extremely limited releases. The majority of SOLD OUT shoes are… take a few minutes to check this out for yourself. The Air Force 1 never leaves, but it is officially retro season as it has been for the last year or more. Unless CNBC is counting the Air Force 1 as basketball, it is far too soon to think that basketball is already back.