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Nike and Jordan Brand Unveil the 2017 BHM Collection-Kyrie 3 Features Whip Scars?

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The 2017 BHM collection incorporates a decorative marbling — blending black and white — in reference to the strength of harmonious movement.

Source: Nike News – Nike and Jordan Brand Unveil the 2017 BHM Collection

The annual BHM releases are often one of the highest profile releases of the year. The shoes obviously celebrate Black History Month and they typically align with a progressive campaign by the brand.

The Black History Month collection celebrates Black heritage, in sport and beyond, around the world and has historically provided financial support to Nike’s Ever Higher Fund, which was created to bring mentorship, sport and all of its benefits to youth and their communities.

Nike is proud to support numerous organizations that provide services to underrepresented youth, including African-American youth, during the year. Long-time partners include the Jackie Robinson Foundation, Boys and Girls Clubs, National Head Start and Coach Across America. Nike also recently announced two new partnerships with MENTOR and PeacePlayers International to expand opportunities for youth and promote diversity, inclusion and equality in communities across the U.S.

The EQUALITY tee is part of Nike’s ongoing commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion. Nike will continue to follow the inspiration from our athletes and employees to uplift and bring people together in the following months and beyond. To learn more, go to Those interested in PeacePlayers or MENTOR are invited to visit and

The above description is from the source link on Nike’s site. Nike describes the colorways as black and gold with marble. The Kyrie however has a very distinctive upper that I think represents something completely different and could be considered one of the boldest moves in Nike’s history in sharing the narrative of Black history.

What I find interesting is that the shoe presented for Kyrie Irving deviates from the standard design of the Kyrie 3 models released thus far. The side panel of the shoe typically wears a raised surface in a spiral or geometrical pattern. The spiral surface on the BHM model wears what looks like striations and scars from a whip.

Black skin keloids when the flesh is cut in some instances. In this picture of a slave’s back you can see these scars.

Now look at the Kyrie.

Now granted, this may be my imagination, but the markings are unlike any shapes or raised graphics I’ve seen on any footwear.

Is this a bad thing? No. Too often people overlook the worst stories in Black History and avoid slavery. I think it’s a good thing that Nike has done something that is left open to interpretation but can definitely be seen in a different way to create discourse.

The BHM Pack is releasing soon. Use the Source Link to read more and view more of the footwear.