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Nike Basketball “Want it All” Film Attacks the Core of a Serious Problem | Marketing

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Want It All is about working hard, playing with confidence and style at every level of the game. From the neighborhood streets to the NBA court, Donte wants it all.

Source: Nike Basketball Tips Off Season with “Want it All” Film

I wanted to add to the title of this post that Nike borrowed a page from adidas, but adidas has generally avoided sports promotion beyond “glitch” and soccer ads. The only reason I wanted to say Nike borrowed was because Nike marketing is back and when I say back, they nailed a huge problem I discussed today in a post about the LeBron 15.

Why I’ve Avoided the LeBron 15

In the article above I discussed why I wasn’t sharing a lot of information about the LeBron 15 on the site. My biggest issue was that Nike was not connecting with the next generation. In the article I stated that Nike would have to utilize YouTube and video to reach the next generation because kids no longer see themselves in the NBA. I went so far as to state that kids no longer look at going to college and being drafted as an option. They don’t even look at making their high school team.

Then Nike launched this video campaign during tonight’s Boston vs Cleveland game:

The video literally takes everything I said in the LeBron article and covers every ground in a 2 minute video clip. What is most important here is that Nike is connecting the past to the future (which is something adidas has been doing brilliantly in their marketing campaigns). The song in the background is a reworked version of Shut Em Down by Public Enemy. Nike has basically connected older Hip-Hop heads who basically established the thread of Nike to Hip-Hop and to basketball. This also connects the old generation via Chuck D and Charles Barkley who had a Nike commercial together:

I said that the Nike x NBA deal would create a unique opportunity for branding and marketing and on day 1 Nike fires a round that is resounding. If this is the start, the other brands need to amp up their marketing efforts because Nike is building the story and the NBA is more than happy to let the OG ad company (Nike) carry the story to the people.

Oh, note that the ad runs with Chinese subtitles. Nike isn’t relying on the US market solely. If the US is going to wear trainers and skinny jeans, then Nike will sell to the largest market in the world. Intriguing stuff and it definitely ups the ante for this year.