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Nike Begins Nike Training Club App Push with Michael B. Jordan Training Tips

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Learn what first motivated the actor and the three ways you can work out just like him.

Source: Michael B. Jordan Shares His Training Tips and How to Not be a Quitter

During Investor’s Day Heidi O’Neill explained the importance of being connected with the Nike Training App. In this discussion she explained how using the App would open you up to tips and opportunities not only for apparel, but with training tips directly from influential Nike team members. While the Investor’s Day didn’t mention performance influencers like Drake and Kevin Hart (which I thought was a mistake and a disconnect at the time) the first major push for installing the Nike Training App comes in the form of one of the most exciting actors in Hollywood: Michael B. Jordan.

Jordan is best known for his role in the tragic retelling of Oscar Grant’s death in Fruitvale Station. The performance launched Jordan’s career to the next level. Consequently his roles became more physical as he gained leading man status. In Creed, he played the son of Apollo Creed and he was able to show off his fitness regimen by transforming into the next generation of boxing for the Rocky franchise. He has one of the biggest films in the Marvel universe arriving next year where he will be able to show more of those physical skills in Black Panther.

Capitalizing on Michael B. Jordan’s name and star power Nike begins the push for enrollment by dropping three workouts by the superstar. What’s important here is that Nike doesn’t rely on their endorser to simply look cool wearing the gear, they rely on him promoting sport which keeps the brand true to its goal of reigniting interest in performance and Nike while also moving people towards the COD platform of Nike Training.

“For an idea of how Jordan trains, Nike Training Club has curated three workouts inspired by the actor’s roles as a high school quarterback, a boxer looking to make a name for himself and a dangerous villain. Together, the workouts tell the story of his range of acting as well as show how varied his training is.”

It’s another solid move by the Swoosh as they are looking to regain their footing in patheon of sportswear. Use the source link to read a detailed discussion of Jordan’s decision to begin training and playing sports and what workouts give him the biggest gains.