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Nike Big Ups Jamaican Sprinter Elaine Thompson in Beautiful x Powerful Campaign

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The new women’s shoe collection is available June 1 via the SNKRS App and at retailers worldwide.

Source: Nike News – Nike Beautiful X Celebrates Elaine Thompson’s Hard Work, Dedication and Victories

The one thing Nike has always done is celebrate its athletes. They have done so with a very keen eye on how their campaigns increase their branding and connection with their audience. Nike just doesn’t drop a shoe or a piece of apparel, they create a narrative.

Elaine Thompson accomplished a feat that hasn’t been attained by a Jamaican sprinter since 1988. She won both the 100 and 200 meter sprints in Rio. The Olympics are still over a year old, but Nike commemorates her success in a new release that also delivers a narrative on the things that happened in her life to shape her. The footwear of course is classic Nike.

From left: Nike Beautiful X Powerful Internationalist, Nike Beautiful X Powerful Air Max Jewell, Nike Beautiful X Powerful Cortez Classic, Nike Beautiful X Powerful Air Max Thea, Nike Beautiful X Powerful Blazer Low.

Each shoe is also embellished with Elaine’s signature, her mantra “one life, one chance” and her winning times of 21:78 for 200 meters and 10:71 for 100 meters.

The collection is dropping on June 1st, but you can read more about the project by clicking the source link.

Marketing note: There has been a concentrated effort by every brand to focus on women’s sportswear. As Lululemon has entered the market and other brands are spending their time finally delivering products that cater to women brands, Nike gets to reestablish that they’ve always been creating for women and supporting the pursuit of greatness. This is the type of connection that is familiar for Nike, but important.