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Nike Continues To Rebuild Basketball Sales via the Blueprint | Marketing

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Source: Blueprint

No not the Jay-Z album or the original KRS-One Album named Blueprint, but the Nike Basketball Blueprint is an interactive feature on the platform that allows you to interact with a basketball court to describe your game and how you play.

Think of the site as a way to show how and where you play on the court. Imagine if a coach has a white board and they ask you to tap where you play the hardest on offense. For me I would tap above the three point line and on the block. I would also tap the midrange area and because I try to play smart I’d tap the paint. This would give me 4 locations at 25% which would create my offensive profile at 100%. I would then tap the board to show where I play the most on defense. Once I’ve done this, then I would move on to step 2.

In the three steps I choose what type of offensive player I really am and what type of guy I can cover on defense. Once I’ve completed the survey I am given a title:

I am the Shifter which is basically the 3 man in the NBA. There are a series of combinations that all lead you to the type of footwear you would wear on the court.

I tend to think I have a better jumpshot than DeRozan, but I’ll take that comparison although now that I’m older I’m probably more like The Crasher since I pretty much just hit people and catch and shoot.

It’s not an exact science, but Nike realizes that the basketball category needs a pick me up and while this isn’t really a game changer, it’s a nice feature that allows Nike to market their basketball shoes in a way that will capture the imagination of players old and young. If a brand isn’t going to create posts/articles then the content creation has to be interactive and this is a solid feature that won’t move the needle, but it does drive engagement.

Use the source link to check out the Blueprint