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Nike Gets Content Creation: Odell Beckham Jr.’s Custom “Home Field Advantage” Cleats 

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One of the things that makes me really frustrated when rooting for the underdog is when the underdog fails to utilize grassroots marketing or simple marketing strategies. No one cares about cleats. Nike knows that this shoe won’t make people jump up and run to a store or to the site to buy, but they took the time to show the process of creation for these cleats. It is one of the most clever custom designs I’ve seen and Nike is able to introduce “Vapor” technology which will be a huge part of their releases next year and they also get to show the process of the Express Lane. This video cost Nike pennies on the dollar, but it already has 1800 views after being posted for about 8 hours. It’s not a huge viral video, but it gets the job done. You know what Under Armour is doing? Posting about Bobby Brown a skier… That’s not going to sell any kicks. It’s so frustrating.