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Nike Made 9 New Workout Pants For Their Women’s Fitness Category

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More choice and an all-new shopping experience mean there’s something for everyone — and every workout. This simple guide can help you find your perfect pair(s).

Source: These 9 New Workout Pants Were Designed by Specific Activities

I’m not going to pretend to understand the multiple design elements in this launch of Nike’s fitness portfolio for women. It seems a bit much, but I definitely like the idea of promoting plus size models as well as more sports specific models. I also understand the multiple options and sports specific movement is important in designing apparel. Okay, I do know more than I let on, but there is so much here it’s better if I simply introduce and tell you to use the link to read more and see the GIFs related to the apparel launch.

Note: From a marketing standpoint, Under Armour is doing a much better job of presenting the images associated with fitness for women. Under Armour has also been touting their hidden pocket features prominently on their site for some time now. Nike continues to utilize the professional imagery associated with the brand. I get that… but a more organic photo shoot would assist the brand with reaching their intended audience.