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Nike opens next-generation store in Soho – Portland Business Journal

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The store emphasizes personalized service and is a template for future Nike retail locations.

Source: Nike (NYSE: NKE) opens next-generation store in Soho (Photos) – Portland Business Journal

Matthew Kish just reported on the opening of a SoHo store by Nike. Unlike any other Nike space the sneaker world has seen, this shop creates a level of personalization that will be the calling card of any company looking to compete for buyer’s dollars. The footwear industry is about preference, but a few weeks back I analyzed the customer service on social media of footwear companies and the customer service showed a direct relation to success in the running shoe business. In other words to earn a buyer’s dollars catering to them will be at the forefront of sales.

With multi-channel becoming the next wave as companies gain a better understanding of how e-commerce doesn’t work in strictly a pureplay fashion, customer experience will generate brand loyalty and this will translate to growth. Recently Nike’s stock took a hit based on Futures orders being down over the last year. I’ve been saying all along that Nike is no longer looking at Futures as the wave of the future, they are eyeballing DTC and minimizing the amount of wholesale accounts. This SoHo store is crazy, but you only need to look at Under Armour’s recent Boston Store expansion to realize that this is just the beginning of changing the retail experience for the next generation of shoppers. Use the Source Link to see more pics and read Kish’s article.

Below is a picture that shows where Nike is pushing for growth. Remember this video I did almost a year ago? I told you so.