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Nike Updates More Than The Others: The Year in Nike Innovation

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Nine designs in 2016 that underscore the company’s commitment to furthering human potential. (LunarEpic Flyknit)

Source: Nike News – The Year in Nike Innovation

Honestly I attempt to post a balance of news on this site. I make an effort on a daily basis to check the news feeds of every brand I can think of and then I make a decision to share information that’s not as simple as “Dope shoe, release date, cop or not?”

The problem is my page begins to look like it’s aligned with Nike because of the number of Swoosh articles. There is a reason for that. ARCH (AHN-ARCH x Housakicks Network) reaches a lot of people, but not enough for brands to respond to our e-mails.

This is the problem with brands not named Nike, or Adidas.

In my daily search I visit every website daily. Can you guess the sites that update information daily or almost daily? Nike and Adidas. The other brands have consolidated their marketing and PR to reaching out to the “bigger” websites and they use IG or FB to share information.

Nike and Adidas use their own platforms and then share out to their social. In other words the create content and then share links out to the followers. What happens for AHN is that I source through and deliver you content that will make you think. Unfortunately the brands below the Big 2 do very little reaching out to every place to share even if you e-mail them. I took the time and e-mailed every brand you can think of and asked them to add AHN to their PR and news feeds. I explained that I do more in depth reports and that I monitor my comment section, not to remove negative stuff, but to make sure any dialogue stays on point.

Not one company responded.

So…. I visit and source material and the only company that consistently creates content is the Swoosh. This source link on their most innovative projects this year is an understatement. The Swoosh filed over 600 patents this year as well as opened innovative brick and mortar locations along with developing a DTC model that is breaking up traditional retail for footwear, or will break it up. Use the source link to read more.

Oh, my bad. Shout out Saucony. They utilize their blog and so does Brooks to discuss running and drops. To the others, daily content drives interest in the brand; daily content or at least 3 times a week. Nike’s top innovation stories on this list for me? It’s below. Use the Source link to see the rest.

The Hyperadapt wasn’t huge because of the tech. It was huge because of the DTC model used to release a 720.00 dollar shoe.

The Jordan XXX1 has been the first Jordan Brand numbered release to actually sale above retail right out of the gate. It signaled a returned interest in Nike/Jordan Basketball that will end the three year slide and slowly return basketball to relevance.

Check out the others and let me know which one was important to you.