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Nike Utilizes Input From The People To Create the Next Release: Meet the Revolutionairs

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12 creatives offer new visions of Nike Air footwear for this year’s Vote Forward.

Source: Nike News – Meet the Revolutionairs

My co-owner in ARCH Tayib has been stating that Nike is utilizing the people to generate interest in the brand. They are basically making the shoe creation process an inclusive marketing campaign with input from other people via voting.

While it is a marketing strategy, it is a good one that shows an understanding of content creation and storytelling. While the release won’t be a commercial release, the narrative will inspire others to look at Nike as a brand that understands its market.

Check out this video and then look at the renderings for the options in the Revolutionairs series. This is dope. Visit the Source link to see descriptions of the next round of shoes to vote on.