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Nike’s ‘Basketball Obsessed’ Category Comes To Life | Manila’s New Hyper Courts

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Created by Nike and powered by Google, these basketball courts open digital experiences, including exclusive training programs.

Source: More than Meets the Eye: Check Out Manila’s New Hyper Courts

Nike continues to look towards the CDO with a focus on the APLA Geography. I remember going to the Philippines and hanging out for a week. It was the one place abroad where basketball seemed to be the country’s sport. Nike understands and they’ve long created product that caters specifically to that market. Remember the Kobe PP Series? Kobe’s connection to that community is undeniable and the appreciation for hoops abroad is similar to the attraction of the game in the US in the late 90’s and early to mid 2000’s. With this as the foundation for continuing to increase market share internationally Nike has created one of its much discussed platforms for Investor’s Day; an augmented reality series of basketball courts strategically placed in different parts of the PI. Each court caters to one of it’s superstar NBA players. The courts are given the name “Hypercourts” to establish the connected model that will allow players visiting the courts to connect and interact with the Nike Training App.

Powered by Google, this content is delivered data-free, including training drills, elevated member activities and the best of Nike global basketball content. For example, videos from experienced coaches relay drills that address power, quickness and versatility tailored to different types of players. The program also learns and makes recommendations from continuous user interaction, which helps promote ongoing progress.

The first Nike Hyper Live courts are as follows: 
1. Titan Love Court in BGC featuring LeBron James
2. Ususan Court in Taguig featuring Kobe Bryant
3. Comembo Covered Court in Makati featuring Kevin Durant Court
4. Scarlet Homes Covered Court in Paranaque featuring Russell Westbrook
5. YCL Covered Court in Quezon City featuring Kyrie Irving

Note each drawing, created by Arturo Torres, features each of Nike Basketball’s long term signature athletes in their current signature footwear models. Westbrook in the Jordan 32, Kyrie in the 3, KD in the X, Bron in XV and the retired, but still hugely popular, Kobe in his A.D. Mid. It’s cross promotion for a category that still has legs in the international market. Basketball isn’t a focus in the states and this is a project that establishes that while Nike still invests heavily in hoops in the U.S. they do realize where the most growth is going to occur in one of its 4 global communities. Use the source link to read more.