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Nike’s First Flyknit Apparel Innovation Solves a Problem, but Trails Adidas and Under Armour

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A team of engineers and designers turned to one of Nike’s top footwear technologies to create the ultimate bra that combines high-support performance with unmatched comfort. The Nike FE/NOM Flyknit Bra launches July 12 on Nike+. (pictured Soccer player and Olympic gold medalist Sydney Leroux)

Source: Nike News – This is Nike’s First Flyknit Apparel Innovation

adidas actually jumped on the process of creating apparel from Primeknit in March.

adidas Athletics x Reigning Champ Unveil First Collection Featuring Primeknit

Nike however remains committed to sport in every facet even when sports performance is taking a backseat to casual apparel in sportswear. Instead of taking the road adidas did with their first Primeknit capsule, Nike took Flyknit and tackled a problem that has been plaguing women, a better bra.

In attacking this issue they have utilized Flyknit to create an almost seamless bra that doesn’t rely on the multiple panels sports bra/bras are typically created with.

It’s a solid introduction of Flyknit into apparel and lays the foundation for Nike to utilize Flyknit as more than just a casual apparel item for fashion. Use the source link to read a breakdown of the design elements.

FYI Under Armour also tackled this issue with a Made in the USA version of their Sports Bra

Under Armour Arris Bra & UA Arris Leggings are Made In The USA