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No.One* Utilizes Every Aspect to Build so Bookmark This Page

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Stories by No.One establishes that the brand understands the importance of its platform in the greater scheme of a shifting social landscape.

Source: Support – No.One*

The picture above shows the creation process taken by LA footwear company No.One. The brand has been covered by fashion magazines and footwear sites in detail for the last few months. They create a limited quantity of handcrafted shoes, so the pairs aren’t inexpensive, but in a world where every sneaker fanatic or shoe connoisseur often complains about the quality of overpriced footwear the cost is irrelevant. What a visitor to No.One is paying for is craftsmanship, attention to detail and the opportunity to actually wear something that you aren’t going to see a thousand people flexing on Instagram in.

Hand Painted Buffalo Edition Bravo – This is our second collaboration with Remy Carriat. This time they have hand painted a beautiful full grain buffalo calf hide to accent the natural grain patterns. – Hand lasted in our studio – Edition of 12 now available to all at No-One.LA -…

This morning I wrote a post about Under Armour’s introduction of the HOVR concept. In that post I discussed the missed opportunities by the brand during the build up and launch of the footwear.

UA HOVR is Finally Here and It Should Win

In the UA article I listed the E.N.D.E.A.R.S© strategy for establishing a relationship with the potential client. UA only hit on one of those points. No.One however, from the moment the brand was created, took the time to answer questions on Instagram and introduce the process of creation for their footwear. They notated almost every aspect and without any endorsers the brand was able to land the same coverage on footwear and lifestyle sites as a billion dollar company because they did one basic thing, they utilized their blog.

Shearling Flex – We know this photos not the most exciting but we wanted to show off the Italian Shearling that lines the rear panel of the Alpha stitch down. – Its no fun if only the 14 people who get a pair know about the unimaginable levels of cozy…

That’s what this post is about. I could easily write about how dope their Hand Painted Buffalo Edition is. I could easily drop pictures of their latest footwear and detail the materials, but doing so overlooks the most important aspect of the company in my opinion. That important aspect is the business savvy and understanding that while social media is a tool that reaches the people where they are, creating posts on your site is an efficient way of building search and longterm reach. The people aren’t going to be the messengers for No.One in a big enough way. If I make 100 pair of shoes, I’m not as visible. In order to define what the brand is it’s extremely important to deliver the message of the brand via social and via the site; as social media in many instances isn’t indexed by Google and when it is the links go to social where the client can be lost to their feed.

Consider the picture above of the Shearling Flex, they didn’t have to post it. Doing so they are making sure they invite you into the creation process. In marketing, the creation story is the most important aspect of connecting and No.One is doing a masterful job of delivering information. You should definitely bookmark the Source link. Not just for footwear updates, but because the brand also posts some of the most interesting articles on ideas and art that informs their creations… and that’s dope.

Source: Support – No.One*

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