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NYC Basketball – via Michael Rapaport |

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With the season of the Air Jordan 4 in full swing, legendary actor, director and New Yorker Michael Rapaport looks back on the late 1980s…


Michael Rapaport is like the one White dude who can accidentally say the N word and not get beat the F–k down immediately. I mean he just seems to be what NYC is all about, so I kind of look at him and say, he can slide saying the word for about 10 seconds longer than some random White dude, and then I’d stomp him out…

I grew up in Memphis. Played college ball in San Diego, first dunked in North Memphis at Bickford Park in the 8th grade and then learned how to fly in tenth grade. I disappeared from high school hoops because I was afraid to be great, but I regained my dreams after being in the Navy and playing at an open gym where my college coach asked if I wanted to play some college ball. I ran at Balboa Park; and would have Clay Park, both in San Diego, to myself to shoot around when I had a lot on my mind before I was a head coach and I could go to Crawford and shoot around anytime I felt like it. I did a mini camp with my son here in Memphis at Halle Stadium or the courts by the Precinct (The way where former Louisville Point Guard was shot a few weeks ago… about 100 feet from the police precinct) and still till this day when I’m driving by a court and I see dudes running I want to get out of the car and call next.

I mean I actually played in a league with my old high school students here in Memphis when I was way out of basketball shape. I played pretty damn good too.

I love basketball, but I never gave it my soul. If I had who knows what I could have done with it.

This article on about NYC basketball is the story of every city where a kid has hoop dreams and the pictures are dope. Use the source link to read more and check out the shots from Kevin Couliau (co director of Doin It In the Park).