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Out of Thin Air: Air Jordan 31 ‘Black Cat’

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Source: Air Jordan 31 ‘Black & Sail’ Release Date.. Nike⁠+ SNKRS

This shoe just popped up and I have to say that yesterday I wrote an article on what sold out SNKRS and I made the analysis that basketball was coming back sooner than everyone thought. Although this is a lux version of the XXX1 and it costs 15.00 dollars more than the GR release, and it features a colorway that wasn’t very well accepted on the Cyber Monday 3, this is one of the best looking lux versions of a basketball shoe that I’ve seen. The shoe literally dropped out of nowhere. There were a few pics here and there, but nothing solid. Jordan Brand is obviously aware of the Retro slow down and they are making sure to establish a new classic and this shoe actually pulls it off beautifully by incorporating a bit of that Don C styled quilted leather, a smooth black nubuck, waxed laces and a sole that is as clean as can be. If I were to do a Should I Buy To Flip?, I don’t know if it will pop, there is no mention of availability, but if this shoe is limited we will have to welcome the XXX1 to the land of resale because it’s definitely cop worthy. More pics below.