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Part 3: Moving Away From Ebay, I Found A New Way To Auction!

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I haven’t been writing much here about moving away from Ebay lately. There are two other posts for you to read about this process. As I said before it was hard walking away from Ebay, but their lack of seller protection and the constant fees, along with the mistreatment made my decision easier. I have to say again though, I was doing very well there and starting over has been hard. I have primarily moved from being a retailer and selling individual shoes at a nice markup, to selling as a wholesaler because the only people aware of my site are people who buy from me in bulk.  This has kept the money coming in, but imagine if I had been selling this individually:

14 pair of Foamposite Pro Retro, 14 pair of Air Max 90 Infrareds, 7 pair of Air Jordan 7 Retro Cardinals, 8 pair of Lebron 8 v/2 Wolf Greys and the countless other kicks I’ve sold as a wholesaler this past week. Needless to say, my pocket is lighter, but I have peace of mind. I wish more sneakerheads and sellers would think about how ebay is actually hurting the game. Today I looked up alternative auction sites. I looked at Ebid and a few others but I didn’t sign up. The problem with all of these is that the buyer is protected more than the seller. I decided today to become my own auction site.

If you look to the right you will see an auction box. In this box I will be adding auctions everyday and I have the right to refuse bids, accept bids offer Buy Now through e-mails and Google Checkout, the ability to control my site is easier and I can now offer visitors the ability to make a bid and win just like with ebay. I don’t know how this will work, but it is worth the try. I’ll keep you posted on the outcome.