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Pizza Hut Basketball Shoes That Can Order Pizza For You | Make You Fatter I GUESS

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Originally posted on Housakicks


Pizza Hut Basketball Shoes That Can Order Pizza For You? It makes no darn sense, it’s a STUPID IDEA from Pizza hut, and they need to stay in their lane- making greasy pizza to keep your blood cholesterol high. It doesn’t even make any sense, we are trying to eat healthy and why would I want to order a pizza while playing basketball- it’s an oxy moron. If i’m playing basketball I want to be as light as a feather. And the shoes look like a pair of Ewing which we know is heavy, so I’m not sure whose idea was it to create this nonsense.

It’s funny how most people think Sneaker heads don’t matter; this is exactly why Chris and I created “Respect the Culture”. All of sudden big corporations want to capitalize on this market , hence you see gimmicks like this corny pair of shoes. I’m not even going to elaborate on the backstory of these silly shoes.