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Quick Tips To Spot The Fake Air Jordan 1 Chameleon All Star ASW

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Originally posted on Housakicks


I was kind of surprised that the Fake Air Jordan 1 Chameleon All Star ASW hadn’t emerged yet. I guess the pirate factories are now pacing themselves, they might be waiting for the finished product to release prior to creating the replicas. But even then, they are not quite able to produce flawless pairs ( i’m using this word with caution). Below are helpful tips to bust the replica Jordan 1 ASW.

The lining around the heel collar is thicker on the authentic pair than on the fake one ( see yellow oval circle). And the material on the quarter panel strap looks different on both pairs (  the fake pair has a skin- like texture on the fakes, see yellow arrow pointing down).

The authentic forefoot strap features a tumbled/full grain leather material while the fake one has a smoother texture ( see yellow arrow pointing down).

The authentic pair has a bottle- like shape with curves while the fake pair is literally shapeless.Once again check out the thickness of the lining around the heel collar, and also look at the difference in the materials on the bottom heel panel ( see yellow arrow).

Hopefully this is enough information for you to make safer purchases online