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Real VS Fake Air Jordan 12 Chinese New Year CNY

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Originally posted on Housakicks


The Air Jordan 12 Chinese New Year CNY has already released in Asia; they are dressed in white and black with gold accents on the eyelets and midfoot plastic tab. The shoes also feature a reflective premium leather upper with a woven like pattern on the mudguard. The outside of the tongue and the insoles bear traditional Chinese characters referencing the ” # 12″ ( I wish JB would have put a rooster on the tongue instead to pay tribute to the CNY). A yellow and black carbon fiber plate along with clear pods complete the look of the shoes. As you already know , fakes have already hit the market,  here are my quick tips to avoid the replicas.

Real VS Fake Air Jordan 12 Chinese New Year CNY


The longer yellow arrow pointing down shows you how different the tire track pattern is on both pairs ( more visible tracks on the authentic pair). The shorter yellow arrow on the plastic tab indicates how the color tone is not the same on both pairs ( brown-olive on the authentic and olive on the fakes). You will also notice how the “jumpman” text on is different. The mudguard is cut a little higher on the fake pair  ( see yellow line ); and if you look at the red line you will notice how uneven the oblique line dividing the plastic tab and the midsole is on the fake pair ( straight and even on the authentic pair).


The black arrow pointing down shows you how longer the tongue is on the authentic pair in comparison to the fakes ( the fakes usually have a very short tongue, and the lining around the tongue is also thicker and more visible on the authentic). The arrow pointing up shows you the poor stitching job on the fake pair ( you can see a lot of black dots ; in addition , the lining around the neck of the shoe is definitely thicker and more visible on the authentic pair). The horizontal arrow shoes you the different shade on the eyelets ( it also seems like the authentic pair’s eyelets has more ridges ).


The logo on the outside of the tongue does not look the same ( no need for me to elaborate on that, you can clearly see it). The red arrow shows the poor and sloppy stitching on the fake pair ( see the little dots all along ). I also noticed that the spacing between the bottom of the logo and the bottom edge of the tongue is bigger on the fake pair.


The authentic pair seems to have leather- like insoles, but the fake insoles are probably foam -like ( very flimsy ).


The extension of the jumpman ( hand and ball are tacky, mediocre job on the fakes, see yellow circle).



The number “23” appears bigger on the fake pair; and the gap between the rectangular shape ( containing the Jordan text) and the edge of the midsole is bigger on the authentic pair-see yellow arrow.

Again this is not an exhaustive comparison, I’m sure the fakes will soon get an upgrade. Use sound judgement prior to buying these from a non retailer.



Style #881427-122

White/Black-Varsity Red, January 28, 2017

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