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Reebok Space Boot SB-01 for Astronauts Inspires New Running Shoe

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Source: Reebok News Stream : Reebok Creates Revolutionary Space Boot for Astronauts

Honestly, if it isn’t SpaceX I hardly even check for NASA or anything space related from the US. That may be the entrepreneur in me, or I’m just getting old and I am not as fascinated by space travel as I was as a kid.

Whatever it is with my lack of interest in space travel, Reebok has just made a boot that will function in zero gravity, but if they wanted to drop these joints for the winter (if we have a winter) they would be just as at home on your feet on the slopes. The design is dope and we will have the freshest, and safest, astronauts in orbit.

In partnership with David Clark Company, Reebok has developed an innovative space boot providing lightweight protection and support while optimizing comfort and performance. The boot has been exclusively designed to accompany the final space suit which will shuttle astronauts to and from the International Space Station in Boeing’s new vessel, the CST-100 Starliner.

Dave Clark x Reebok 2

What’s even better is the same technology they utilized has been added to their current successful runner in the Floatride to create another version which will release next year.

The innovation and development journey behind both Floatride Run and Floatride Space Boot, SB-01 has ignited another Reebok Running innovation that has potential to break more barriers in footwear, with the Reebok Floatride 100g racer (100g in men’s size 9).
“Athletes often tell us that with a lightweight performance running shoe, they can potentially increase their speed, but often times also sacrifice cushioning. Traditionally, super lightweight products equate to less cushioning- but not with the Floatride Racer. Floatride Foam technology allows you to maintain optimal cushioning in a super lightweight package,” Montross continued.
The Floatride Racer will feature a feather-lite midsole (weighing under an ounce), single layer engineered mesh upper and weight optimized full coverage outsole. The breakthrough with the Floatride Foam is the ability to provide cushion without compromising performance. Designed specifically with speed and function in mind, the Floatride 100g Racer is currently under-going testing and will officially launch in 2018.
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