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Release Dates: Air Jordan 7 Retro ‘Alternate’ – Release Date .

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Find release dates and info for the Air Jordan 7 Retro ‘Alternate’ on Follow all new releases with the Nike Launch Calendar.

Source: Air Jordan 7 Retro ‘Alternate’ – Release Date .

  1. This looks nothing like the OG so don’t get in your mind that something is wrong.
  2. This is the alternate Tinker version which should be exciting, but really I think with back to school this shoe doesn’t appeal to the old head crowd and the kids are going to be copping black and white kicks.

Click the source link to read the back story and to follow the release of the Retro 7 which used to be a coveted model but with so much dropping I have a feeling you won’t have to camp or rush to pick these up.

Will I have these? I don’t have them right now, so probably not.

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