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Respect The Culture| AHN T-Shirt

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ARCH x Housakicks spends a lot of time looking at topics and information that are more in-depth than other “sneaker” based websites. Our sites can relate to any aspect of business really. The things we cover are universal in business: marketing, stocks, analysis of the retail market, and other topics. The reason we are so passionate about the sneaker culture is because for over 15 years we’ve operated in the background and watched as sneakers have been commercialized and the passion for the culture around sneakers, has become posting a picture on social media, or flipping shoes to claim you are the plug.

What does Respect the Culture mean?

  1. Today, there are too many people who are using the game for fame. Sneaker culture was never about being hyped on IG, it was about wearing what you like and being dope and fresh.
  2. The brands are simply using the culture as consumers only. There is no respect or love for our passion for kicks. The brands create crappy shoes, raise the prices and then try to pimp us by dropping some wack story behind the colorway and expect us to buy it.
  3. The culture isn’t about wearing fancy shoes. Shoes have always been functional. The Puma Clyde was functional both as a basketball shoe and as a b-boy shoe. Today, people don’t understand the functional aspect. No one is really learning about why certain things are placed into and on footwear.
  4. AHN is using Culture to represent the truest sense of loving kicks. Culture is inclusive. You aren’t looked down on for not having the latest kicks and you’re not disrespected for liking brands that aren’t mainstream. Culture means you rock what you like and you know what it is you are rocking.
  5. The influencers don’t control your mind. Everything is being OVER-commercialized. Influencers are being asked to do collaborations and they are only being used because they have an extensive social media reach. These guys aren’t athletes or people who design kicks, they are just famous and if you respect the culture you don’t place so much importance on what they do or say. Because let’s be serious… most of us started out as adidas or Nike heads. When you see a collaboration with a brand and that person’s IG or Snap is all about another brand, that’s phony. Culture isn’t phony or pimped by those who love and respect the culture (all cultures)!

If you Respect the Culture then grab one of the t-shirts and rock it proudly. If someone asks about culture tell them, “all cultures are important and should be respected. Each one, teach one.”

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