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SB Dunk Low Elite| Dunk Rethunk but Will It Catch On?

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I was asked a question about the Dunk and how the shoe has taken a backseat in sneaker culture. I wrote a post answering. Here is the link:

Sneakerking of Memphis Drops a Great Question-Part 2: Why Has the Hype Died on the Dunk

Nike has revitalized the Dunk. This elite version is more streamlined and once again utilizes Nike Zoom Air, but the upper materials are now fused using a Vac Tech styled approach with reinforced layers. The midsole is more flexible and a sticky translucent outsole has been added. The obvious benefits are reduced weight and less stiff board shoe, but with the various incarnations of Nike SB around, PR and Janoski, why is Nike creating an Elite? Why are they doing so and increasing the price point to 110.00?

Prior to 2004 the resale market didn’t really exist the way it does now. The Dunk is literally the shoe that launched a million resale careers. The shoe was so popular any colorway popped and sold above retail. As Nike began building Nike Basketball and signature shoes, it took some of the steam away from the Dunk as basketball and fashion increased. Nike also undercut the Dunk with the introduction of signature skate models. Nike basically did in the Dunk, but now they are making a real effort to bring it back. The recent Sean Malto Elite which retailed at 115 sold out immediately.

Retro is once again in vogue and Nike is pulling from its catalog and staying on trend by modernizing their classics. It’s worked with the Air Force 1 and I think it will work with the SB Dunk. Check out more pics of the Elite and if you want to grab a pair use this link as some are available on the Bay.