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SERIES by Bodega: Repurposed – OTTO | Marketing

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Madonna, Pele, Banksy, some people only need to go by a single name. Besides being a vintage kingpin who worked alongside Bobby “Bobby from Boston” Garnett for

Source: SERIES by Bodega: Repurposed – OTTO

While many retail outlets are dropping like NOLA girls listening to an old Juvi track, Bodega remains a retail outlet that recreates itself. There is an adage about being small that fits the bill here. Since Bodega isn’t a large chain decisions can be made quicker and with the speed that the market demands.

The SERIES by Bodega events are curated artistic ventures. They are often hosted in a space designated as a gallery for the apparel being introduced. The current artistic series theme is Repurposing. The art directors at Bodega, I call them art directors because what they are doing is less fashion and retail and more about curating; connected with New Era and made a move larger chains simply can’t consider… then again they can, but won’t.

They visited a local vintage collector and selected items from the racks and gave them to New Era to create 1 of 1 caps. The outcome is visual and functional dopeness. Check out the video above and the custom work done from the items below and to see more of these photos and to read the story use the Source link.